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OVERVIEW An expert web, mobile and desktop application developer with specialties in software engineering, project management, graphic design and server/network administration. I also have extensive professional experience in game development, GUI design, SEO and computer repair. I'm self-motivated and work best either leading or as part of a team, onsite or remotely, using my excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Fluent in a variety of programming languages
    • Web/Mobile: PHP, ASP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flash, AS3, Perl, XML, AJAX, iOS & Android development
    • Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Kohana, FuelPHP, CakePHP, MooTools, JQuery, Flex
    • Desktop: C++, VisualBasic, Java, SQLite
    • Management: git, SubVersion, unit testing, project/resource management, UML diagraming
  • Systems Administration, Networking and I.T.
    • Windows Servers: IIS, ASP, ActiveDirectory, Exchange, DC, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Tape Backup, Login Scripting
    • Linux Servers: Apache, PHP, MySQL, NGINX, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Email, Perl, SubVersion, git
    • Networking: Router configuration (Cisco experience), ethernet switch/patch panel wiring, Windows domain creation, workstation setup (Windows and Linux interoperability), POS setup
    • Extensive experience diagnosing and repairing computer hardware and software, including server-class machines.
  • Graphic Design, User Interface Design and 3D Modeling
    • I am a skilled designer of usable and attractive interfaces for web, mobile and desktop applications. A strong understanding of graphic design, photography, and basic knowledge of 3D modeling add to a skillset that makes me a versatile digital design resource.
    • Software: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Flash, Illustrator, Blender, Swift 3D
  • Advertising, Marketing, SEO, Multimedia and More
    • Professional experience designing a variety of media for both online and offline use. Examples include games, video production, interactive e-learning experiences, banner advertisements, magazine advertisements, music, PowerPoint presentations, brochures and product video tours. A solid background in SEO completes my online marketing expertise.
    • Software: Adobe Premier Pro, Xara Pro, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Audacity, Mixcraft, Office 2010,
PROJECTS NTVB Media (February 2010 - Present)
  • Continued implementation and management of a web-based subscription management application.
    • Continued to engineer and implement a large scale (half a million subscribers) application that combines public-facing order forms, callcenters, batch processing and IVR technology into a cohesive system.
    • Programmed in PHP using the Kohana framework. An ORM model layer was used to abstract the MySQL database.
    • Successfully performed a major upgrade to Kohana containing significant API changes and requiring heavy code rewrites.
    • Primarily used Mootools, but also maintained some legacy JQuery functionality used by an earlier programmer.
    • Worked remotely with an international team of developers. Utilized git to manage code changes, and Redmine to assist with project management responsibilities.
    • Engineered functionality, using UI mockups and process flowcharts to communicate changes to stakeholders and developers.
    • Integrated an address verification system and payment gateway for use publically and throughout the application.
    • Performed several server and database administration tasks, including database backups, obscure reporting, installation, configuration and maintenance of server software, and successfully separated application and database servers.
FixedElement (November 2009 Present)
  • Engineered and began implementing a social networking application with a focus on file sharing.
    • Taking ideas from management, developed engineering documentation detailing every feature of the system.
    • Conducted technology feasibility analysis and presented documentation to management explaining the findings.
    • Created a project plan detailing every task needed to complete the product with associated timing and cost.
    • Began implementation of the application from the ground-up. Programmed in PHP with a MySQL database. The application was AJAX-heavy and used frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Google Closure.
GlobalLink Network (June 2008 October 2009)
  • Implemented and helped engineer a large-scale web-based inventory control and CRM system.
    • Lead the development team during implementation. Both the team and myself worked remotely.
    • System helps related companies track and share inventory and other data amongst each other. Features include shipping/receiving, file management, customer relationship management, task management, training management, quotations, sales, etc. The application weaves together several inter-related sub-systems into one cohesive tool.
    • Barcode scanning plays a major role in the system, and many areas can be controlled entirely through scanning.
    • Programmed in PHP with a MySQL database. Frameworks used include CodeIgniter and Mootools.
    • Successfully moved the application from a dedicated server to a shared host with zero data loss or downtime.
    • Created a virtual Windows filesystem application allowing users to interface remotely with the web-based file management application natively through a Windows drive.
ADR International, Inc. (March 2004 - June 2008)
  • Engineered and implemented a large-scale web-based project management system.
    • Lead a development team to help speed high-priority implementations.
    • System handles the secure transmission of sensitive CAD data for many automotive suppliers and OEMs, along with tracking such things as part/tool versioning, product engineering, file versioning, project management and hours worked by employees. A complex user/group permissions subsystem was also designed for this project.
    • Programmed in PHP with a MySQL database. Maintained the onsite webserver running Linux and Apache.
    • Later, successfully migrated to an offsite server with zero data loss or downtime.
    • Designed and created interactive multimedia tutorials for easy customer training, and video tours of the product.
    • Supported customers and internal staff when problems occurred.
    • Released a major update (1.x to 2.x) requiring fundamental DB structure changes, with zero data loss or downtime.
    • Continued ongoing development using input from customers, staff and executives.
  • Setup and maintained both a Linux and Windows 2003 server.
    • Linux server included Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP, Email and SubVersion.
    • Windows server included Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, DHCP, DNS, DC, FTP and Tape Backup.
    • Successfully allowed interoperability between Linux and Windows environments.
  • Maintained and continued development of a CAD data and design tracking system.
    • Successfully migrated data to the redesigned system mentioned above with zero data loss or downtime.
    • Programmed in ASP with a SQL Server backend. Maintained the onsite webserver running IIS and Windows 2000.
  • Designed marketing material, including interactive demos, ads, brochures and the company website.
  • Performed several network administration tasks, including router, workstation and backup configuration.
EDUCATION Oakland University / Oakland Community College (2000 - 2005)
  • Graduated with honors, acquiring a double associates degree in Computer Information Systems.
  • Specialty degrees acquired in Computer Programmer / Analyst and Computer Technology Specialist.