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TV Weekly Magazine
Every week, NTVB Media publishes a listing of TV broadcasting schedules to around half a million subscribers in nearly every major city in the US. To complicate matters more, NTVB is partnered with local newspapers around the country to cut down on delivery costs. I took a major role in engineering and implementing their web-based subscription management system, which combines public-facing order forms, callcenters, batch processing and IVR technology into one cohesive package, along with integrating complex date logic, pricing structures, and address verification systems specific to each newspaper and market. The system is programmed in PHP using the Kohana framework.
Cardinal Healthcare
Cardinal Healthcare is a private-duty in-home nursing service that came to me in need of a website redesign and web-based tools to help them grow into the future. Using their existing logo and marketing materials, I redesigned their website from the ground-up with a focus on clean design, usability and SEO. I'm now engineering and leading the implementation of their web-based management application, which includes a full-featured scheduling system with recurring events. The site is intended for use on both mobile and desktop browsers, and is programmed in PHP using the FuelPHP framework.
myHelpfulNerd LLC
This is the website for the onsite PC repair business, myHelpfulNerd. The logo and website were designed and implemented entirely by me from scratch. Because visitors to the site were expected to already be having computer problems, it was designed to be attractive yet simplistic, easy to read, and completely backwards-compatible with older browsers and narrow-band connections. This would ensure that as many people as possible would be able to access the site without running into more problems--even users infected by a computer virus. It was programmed in PHP and uses the Kohana framework.
VinyasaMT Project Management Application
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VinyasaMT was a web-based application designed to help companies collaborate and manage their projects more efficiently. It was written in PHP and contains a very large MySQL backend. The majority of this system was engineered and implemented by myself, but I also led a group of developers and graphic designers to help speed up certain phases of development. Some noteworthy features I implemented include: A complex user/group privileges subsystem, secure transfer of very large CAD files, payroll/billing management, part versioning and file versioning.
ADR International
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This was the publicly accessible homepage of ADR International. It was programmed in PHP and contains a small MySQL backend for easy updating of the news and testimonials areas. The site was designed and implemented entirely by myself, including layout, database, graphics and most of the content.
eTrackster Inventory Control Application
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eTrackster is a large-scale inventory control and CRM application that helps related companies track and share inventory and other data amongst each other. Features include shipping/receiving, file management, customer relationship management, task management, training management, quotations, sales, etc. It was written in PHP with a MySQL backend and used the CodeIgniter and Mootools frameworks. I lead the development team during implementation, helped engineer the system from scratch, designed the user-interface and helped design the logo. A noteworthy feature of the system is the use of barcode scanning, and in fact many areas of the application can be controlled entirely through the scanning of barcodes.
Flash P2P Video Chat
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This is a prototype video chat application made to test the P2P functionality introduced with the release of Flash Player 10. It establishes a direct connection between two remote Flash clients and exchanges audio and video directly, without an FMS in between. The frontend interface was designed using Flash CS4, while being controlled through ActionScript 3 written in FlashDevelop. Clients also connect to a small PHP server using AMFPHP in order to establish a handshake. Although the full source hasn't been released yet, please feel free to take a look at a few of the AS3 files used in this project.
Component-Based Game Development In ActionScript 3 / Flex
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This is an example of component-based game design done in AS3 and Flex. In traditional object oriented game design, you have a root game object which is extended over and over again into a large and messy heirarchy of functionality. This approach eliminates that by allowing you to develop discrete components of functionality and data which can be added to a game object at run-time, and in virtually any combination. I plan to write a small blog series on this project soon, but for now please feel free to download the source code for the final results.
Open Source
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Currently my only open-source project, DiscInsert provides a dead-simple 10ft interface to rip or play DVDs as soon they're inserted into a Windows PC. It connects to services from Microsoft and Amazon in order to display detailed information about the disc such as its title, director, MPAA rating and box art. Feel free to download and browse through the source code, but please don't judge it too harshly. This was a very quick and dirty weekend project, and as such the codebase is far less organized than I'd normally be comfortable with.
HTPC Wizard
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This was the public website for HTPC Wizard, a company selling custom-built media center PCs. The logo and website were designed and implemented entirely by me from scratch. In accordance with the company name, the website took customers through the sales process in a "wizard-like" fashion by stepping them through a series of simple questions in a friendly flash-based interface. At the end of the wizard, the customer would be presented with a custom-built HTPC suited to their needs, which they could then further customize and finally purchase online.
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eTopia3 is a full featured e-commerce site that I designed and implemented from scratch. Some of the site's features include: item organization by nested categories, a navigation tree animated using javascript, item searching, multiple item photos, real-time shipping calculator, real-time inventory check, an easy to use administrative area and secure checkout via credit card, check or paypal. The site was programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend. eTopia3 was one of my first professional PHP projects and although it is no longer in business, please feel free to view this archived version of the site.